The Albright Knot is a favorite for tying fly fishing leaders with material that varies greatly in size

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The Albright Knot

Not only is this knot strong, it is beautiful.

This is the knot I use to join 2 pieces of material that vary greatly in diameter. It is my knot of choice for all of my salt water leaders. For simple instructions on making the leaders I use click here.

The Albright Knot, for fly fishing leaders

Fly Fishing Knots

Albright Knot with 12 turns

1.   As illustrated above double the heavy material to form a loop and pinch with the thumb and index finger. Pass the light line over and into the loop and then out the bottom. Pinch all lines to hold in place.

2.   With all materials pinched firmly in hand start wrapping the light line over the loop and also the lighter lined that you passed through. Make 12 fairly tight wraps and then pass the tag end of the light line through the loop as illustrated. NOTE: The hard part is learning to pinch the consecutive wraps so that they remain close together and shoulder to shoulder. For this, I work my thumb and index finger over the wraps as I make them. I takes a little practice, but is well worth the effort.

I think the crucial part of tying any knot is the way the knot is tightened. No matter how much care is exercised tying the knot, faulty tightening will cause the knot to fail or greatly weaken.

3.   With everything firmly pinched together pull the standing part of the light line. This will cause the loop in the light line to start tightening and eventually disappear. As the line starts to slightly snug up you will need to help the 12 wraps move to the end of the loop formed by the heavy material. Don't be afraid to pull tight. It is far better to have the knot break in hand rather than break it on a trophy fish.

This knot is a favorite of mine. I use it for leaders, to attach shock tippet, and I've even used it with limited success to attach fly lines to leaders. The best place to learn knots is at home, not on the boat. The time invested to become competent with knots is well worth the price. You don't need a bunch of knots, but the ones you use need to be right.

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