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The Louisiana Spoon Fly, Cajun Style

Of the endless assortment of flies that are tied to catch Red Fish, nothing comes close to challenging the Spoon Fly. The fly was developed and originally designed by Jon Cave, a former guide and writer from Florida. This fly is excelled by none other. Jon's original design is called the Cave's Wobbler, and wobble or flutter it does.

It was at the the Federation of Fly Fishers Conclave in Ashville, NC. when I learned of the Wobbler. I attended Jon's seminar and near the end he showed slides and spoke of a fly that Red Fish couldn't resist. My eyes were glued to the projection screen hoping he would linger a Louisiana Spoon Flybit longer before changing slides. As I desperately wanted the opportunity to study this creation more, while he spoke vaguely about the tying instructions. Prior to that day I had attempted unsuccessfully to build a "Spoon Fly" on numerous occasions. I even tried molding an epoxy prototype from a Johnson Spoon, which after hours of work failed miserably. For one long year from the apocalyptic event at Ashville until the next Federation of Fly Fishers Conclave held that year in Haynes City, Florida, I tried continuously to knockoff Jon's fly from what I'd seen and learned at Jon's presentation. Every attempt was finalized in failure. But being a persistence sort, I never thought of giving up. I had seen the fly. It existed. Someone was able to build a fly that closely represented a Johnson Spoon. It was proven that the feat could be accomplished, and I was determined to do it. Several weeks prior to the next year's Federation Conclave in Haynes City, Florida, I called Jon and told him of my determination to build the fly. He graciously offered to have his good friend, Dexter Gary, demonstrate the procedures for me at the Haynes City Conclave. With Dexter's instruction, the evolution of the best Cajun Red Fish fly had commenced.

Given time, coupled with the minds and hands of others who sit at the vice and aspire to catch more fish, this fly has evolved in many variations to fit the fancy and requirements of different fishermen and various environments.

The Spoon Fly, as we call it, has evolved into a relatively easy to cast fly. It possesses a frantic wobble/flutter, flashes like fire, and manages to swim through the lush vegetation and fertile muddy bottoms for which southern Louisiana is known. It manages to do all this while riding hook point up! Most important of all, if presented properly Mr. Red is unable to resist it's allure! This little fly has been credited for catching numerous species of fish, even Brown Trout.

In the following pages I will attempt to describe the tying processes in a clear and concise manner. While this fly is not easy to build, it is worth every bit of patience and perseverance necessary to accomplish the task. The only ones that won't be glad that you put forth the effort to learn are the Redfish that fall prey to it. :<)

Materials List:

  • Mustad 34007  (size 1)
  • Large Lead Wire
  • Strong Thread
  • Large Mylar Tubing
  • Tooth Picks
  • Five Minute Epoxy
  • Thirty Minute (Slow Cure) Epoxy

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•  The Spoon Fly
•  The Bare Hook
•  The Mylar Body
•  Crowning the Fly


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